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Published: 02nd December 2010
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One of the many pleasures of pursuing spirituality and living a life that is consciously detached from temporal sensuality is getting in tune with the inner you. Spiritual involvements are seen as ways to redeem one’s own self from the petty ephemera of life to loftier heights of perpetual truth.

In this world of chaos, competition and stress, the quest for peace is an eternal one. We all seek to find the balance in life. But it remains mostly elusive. Most of us fail to realize is the fact that the key to finding this peace and sense of balance lies in ‘spirituality’.

Most people associate spirituality with meditation or ‘dhyan’, where one ventures out in the forests or solitudes in saffron clothes leaving one’s family, wealth and career behind. But that is only half the truth. One can adopt spirituality as a lifestyle which follows a certain discipline and requires dedication. It typically involves simple yet profoundly rewarding activities such as practicing yoga and meditation regularly, doing a spiritual study on a regular basis, maintaining spiritual relationships and undertaking responsibilities, and rendering services to humanity.

One of the best ways to initiate, or further your quest for true spirituality is to visit one of the many spiritual retreats in operation. Founded on the principles of ancient ‘ashramas’, these retreats provide an excellent milieu to foster spirituality.

Another excellent way to explore spirituality is by undertaking spiritual travel such as a pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is the oldest way of traveling from one place to another in India. From the first instance of civilization to the present day, millions of Hindus leave their homes in search of salvation.

The destination could be any place which has a mythological legend. From the high hills of Himalayas to the small islands in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and from the fertile plains of Northern India to the hilly plateaus of Southern India, Hindu pilgrimage centers are innumerable.

Uttarakhand in Northern India deserves a special mention in this regard. Garhwal is home to two of India’s most sacred rivers - the Ganga and the Yamuna. Naturally, it’s a popular destination for spiritual travelers.

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